Review Policies

So you want me to review, heh?

If you feel your work fits in my general type of genres, fell free to mail me for a review. The review might take some time, so don’t expect one in a week or two. A month or two is more like it (mainly because I do this during those wee hours in the evening when the 3 kids are asleep and all my lectures for the next day are prepared).

I don’t care what format you send me as long as I can read it in one of the following manners:

  • on paper
  • on my Kobo reader (so no Kindle, only mobi or epub)
  • in my ears (I should mention that audiobooks will take a long time in getting reviewed)

Request review

Send me an email with your “pitch” to dams.tim[at] and I’ll certainly get back to you. Just remember: I don’t purchase a book you want me te review! NOTE: currently swamped in requests. Not accepting for the moment.See you soon

On my review process

Some reviews are tiny, some are large. It really depends on my mood. As a non-native English writer, don’t expect 100% correct grammar and language, however I always write from the heart.

I use the goodreads scaling, meaning 2 stars is an “ok” book. 3 is great. 4 is a nearclassic and 5 being a book everyone should read.
I post my reviews on:

  • This site ofcourse
  • (if it was an audiobook ofcourse 🙂 )